Pinks does a little bit of everything. She knows just enough html to be dangerous, and every now and then, she draws.

Pinks plays the piano and flute and believes that music should be a lifelong pursuit for anyone and everyone who wants it. She composes music for her characters and stories, and even for other peoples’ projects now and then.

Pinks is a writer, and has several story ideas that she wishes to finish and make comics out of.

Art on the right is courtesy of Iya!

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some of us have only just met, but if there’s trouble, Pink has a listening ear.

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[11:53:25 PM] Ark: They’ll start exploring new worlds soon
[11:53:35 PM] Wedge: A new fantastic point of view!

[11:54:04 PM] Snow: I love how you just automatically knew I was typing what I did
[11:54:13 PM] Wedge: And picked the next line

…the Bamboo completed the cycle and literally just croaked.  That’s…not good.  The new tablet will be here in a few days, but that means I’m left artless until it arrives.  I’ll try to get it working in the mean time, but I’m fairly sure it’s down for the count.


Just bought an Intuos Manga tablet <3  

#earning money to spend on furthering the craft

#mine has a half-chewed cord

#thanks birds

WoW commissions are currently closed~  I’ve got a list built up, and I need to make sure I take care of these people before I take on any more tasks <3  Thank you for all the generous interest.  As soon as I’m finished here, I’ll be whipping up an actual pricing guide and re-opening.  

~Thank you