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Greetings one and all! My name is Zai if you didn’t know that already. As some of you I have an obsession with all things yak. And with all things yak comes…


Currently, I’m sitting not even close to my goal and the price of this pretty baby isn’t cheap (108k). With that being said. *ambient drum roll* 


That’s right ladies and gents! I’m offering some of my works for gold. (For a limited time.) My current commission list is empty so I thought I would open up to all you broke folks out there. (I know them feels)

Details below!


I’m offering Chibi busts and detailed busts. The only thing I’m NOT offering is full body chibis. *reasons*

In case you don’t know what each of these products look like here are some examples

Chibi bust: [x] (2k)

Detailed bust: [x] (4k)


Contact information and regulations!

  • ALL offers must send an email to
  • Make sure you give details of your character(s), screen shots, face claims. Whatever you got!
  • Gold is only acceptable on HORDE Wrymrest Accord
  • Payment will be accepted AFTER your piece is complete


If you have any questions please don’t be shy and inbox either this account or my social account curseoftongues !

Have a great day!

Shh, a dragon's a dragon, she can be a fae dragon and still be whatever she wants as a moral guise. I thought she should be a fae dragon right off, to be honest.

^__^  that’s so amazing that you both picked up on that…  I was really going to do that, but then I thought no, it would be reaching too far…but that’s silly, I guess.  Fae dragons are my favorite!

also one more thing about ur pink dragon (sorry its just exciting AH) since shes pink, she could be a type of fae dragon? because canonly there is pink dragons in wow, called fey dragons, so she could be a grown up version of one of them (but u know, 1000x prettier)

THAT IS AN AMAZING IDEA but I kinda thought if I did that, I’d have to make her into a night elf…  I don’t know that fae/fairy dragons are exclusive to night elves, so I’d need the advice of someone who definitely knows better.

It is not good enough for me to say “well they hang around Mt. Hyjal and that’s night elf territory so they can only be with night elves”.

You do mean the cute little faerie dragon things you can get as a battle pet and then the amazing faerie dragon mount, right? Because if she was one of them, I would die happy.

first edit:  …the mount changes colors, though, so maybe she could, too.  I’m just a biased Hordie.  *shuffles nelf alts into the corner*  8)

second edit:  ooorrrr maybe I make one belf and one nelf, one for hope and the other for innocence, and they are the BABY FAERIE DRAGON TWINS.  0-0  I dunno.

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Awkward Writer’s Note (VIII)


Yet another personal message, from me to you.

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Loved your message.  It is very important that we all realize that we have to share the game with everyone else who plays it.  

"Be considerate, don’t hurt anyone if you can help it, the space is not only yours" is a nice sentiment to carry.

And…even though I’m reblogging this and speaking words of support, I will also be sifting my own behavior.  That’s how it should be.

my skype.  I’m SO tired. xD  I should not be awake.
WIP, derpy legs. Must fix. Eyes closing. Cannot fix.  Wut do.
your aspect of hope dragon reminds me of seath the scaleless/crossbreed priscila (his daughter x) ) theyre characters from dark souls and have very fairy-like designs

I could definitely get used to this.

And this.

Yep, those wings.  Prismatic EVERYTHING. <3

IhavedecidedthatsheistheAspectofHope &lt;3  And there are a billion things I&#8217;m not sure about, but ya know, non-canon-eyes are okay for dragons, right?  And being an aspect for an abstract idea rather than an actual physical THING&#8230;?
So she&#8217;s a PINK dragon, and I have no idea about anything else, and I was thinking of calling her Esprit because my favorite stat is spirit and she&#8217;s supposed to be a little girl, like 10-12 and maybe some sort of oddity mutated egg and nobody knows what she even is but she is meant to embody childlike innocence and hope.  So because she&#8217;s a dragon, I can age her however, whenever I want I guess, I don&#8217;t know, but she should be a lil younger than Wrathion here, I&#8217;d say.  (Taupe eyes, because &#8230;fawns.  I thought of fawns.  )  With cute lil horns that look vaguely like leaves!  Because I don&#8217;t know!
I made a dragon.  She has freckles.  And probably fairy wings.  Because I am me, and pink.  




Is there an Aspect of Shadow yet

asking for science

i kidna wanted to make one based around the Twilight Harbinger.. but >.> im not sure.

brb making Aspect of Pink Sparkles… ^.^  (also sorry to butt in. I am not one of the cool kids club members but I thought it might be cute anyway…)