Hi, I'm an artist.

Snow was recently buddied up to during the most vulnerable period of her year, told she was loved, then mysteriously ignored for two weeks.  She was heard out four separate times that she was crying and sad and missed her friends, and each time, no resolution.  Snow was blamed for not being around, not speaking up, and telling the truth earned her nothing but ire.

Then Snow was asked to do some art.  No “I’m sorry Snow, I actually want to be real friends with you”.  Just. Hey. Art.

Snow was also lured into a skype call for (NOT RP) sex right before the two-week ignoring began, then hardly spoken to for those two weeks, told she was paranoid, and told she was “not the same person we met”….while another girl was lured into the same exact thing around the same time.  That’s not being “misunderstood” — that’s called dangerous.

And this is all the art you’ll never get from me past this day.

I tend to take it seriously when someone says they love me.  

You did not love me at all.  You lashed out at me to keep me silent.  You called me vicious.  You always had an excuse why being with me wasn’t possible…

I’ve got people who want to treat me properly, who want to do art business with me properly.

I gave up.

Waiting List

I think it’s time to employ a waiting list. ^_^; I’ve gone through my messages, and these are the people who have asked to reserve a spot or have otherwise inquired about my prices/work load. It’s very possible that I missed a few somewhere in there. I’m about to publish a price list, so if the people on this list + any that I answered (and thus have no record of in my inbox anymore) would be so kind as to keep an eye on me for the next few days…

Art Trades (yes, I am planning on accepting!):

Commissions: <—priority

Vauldren framed portrait

Giveaway picture I still need to finish (I AM SO SORRY D: ):

Ongoing Work: Reaver (3 of 6)

I will be giving consideration to anyone on this list first once I publish my price list. Pay Pal commissions will be done first, gold commissions second. Framed portraits may be done in between larger orders~

On a side note, I’ve passed 520 followers! I am overwhelmed by the interest in my work. Thank you all for the warm support. <3



Oh hey 101 followers hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
What’s better than a book? A book you can beat the shit out of people with.
To that end, I will be giving away a Gusting Grimoire pet from the now-defunct WoW TCG game. It’s a redemption code, not a physical pet, so it does not matter where the heck you are - any server, US or EU, doesn’t matter, you can use it!
How to Enter: Reblog/favorite this post. Yep, that’s pretty much it! Will pick a winner on Monday, July 28. Make sure your asks are on so I can send you said code.

You have approximately FIVE HOURS left to enter, shuttin this sucker down at 12:01!


Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Mandy Hale (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


Enya for enyaombra

can we just
take a moment to see this freaking background
because I worry the gorgeous elf in the center is taking away all the spotlight (as she should) but damn the background is wonderful all on its own!
This is by Duskened, and she&#8217;s amazing &lt;3

Reblog if it’s okay for me to write fics or make graphics of your character and tag you. Sometimes the mood strikes me but I’m nervous my partners won’t like it or won’t be cool with it.

All of my please. :-) All of it.

This is actually important for me to know, too &#8212; one of my favorite things is to make surprise artwork for characters I come to like, and to write fics for RP partners of mine to show my enduring interest in our ship &lt;3
Was asked to tweak the eyes a little. Also did some hair touch-ups. This is so different from my current work, it&#8217;s so odd to see&#8230;
Is this closer?
Rasmot:  when all else fails, swipe names from Aliens