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PLEASE, PLEASE Reblog if You’re a Roleplayer That Believes Mun and Muse are Two Separate People.





my girlfriend thinks that everything my muse does is really ME doing it.

i’m trying to prove to her that there’s a whole community of us who recognize the huge, huge difference between mun and muse. please help me prove her wrong!

though each of my characters have a little part of me in them, they do what the fuck they wanna do. that aint me. theyre little shits sometimes :B 

There are a couple of ways of looking at this. (Even though “mun” and “muse” make me cringe a little when we already have the perfectly serviceable “writer” and “character.”)

If you’re a roleplayer, you’re a writer. Writers take a diverse array of inputs, including mental state, previous experience, mood, and a million other things, spin them together through the tilt-a-whirl that is “inspiration” - making novel and surprising connections between those inputs - and spit them out as something that we hope will be just as novel and surprising for our fellow roleplayers.

That is to say: everything that your character says, thinks, does, or feels, comes from YOU, the writer. 

Now, writers will often write points of view and opinions and have their characters engage in actions that they, themselves, would never countenance or condone. That’s a given. So why, then, do people get upset at the fiction writings of, say, a misogynistic shitstain like Vox Day? Because, as a writer, you’re still responsible for the things that your characters say, do, and think. It often takes a great deal of patience and skill to have your character express a problematic opinion or take a problematic action without making it seem like it’s something that you, as the author, endorse.

That’s why OOC communication is so important. If you’re pushing boundaries with respect to the subject matter of your RP, it is your responsibility as a writer to ensure that your audience - in terms of comfort level and peace-of-mind - is being respected. 

Too often I’ve seen people justify the shitty, hateful, antisocial, misogynistic, racist, or abusive behaviour of their characters as “That’s just how they ARE!” without trying to make any effort to understand or safeguard the mental wellbeing of their fellow roleplayers. That’s unacceptable. That’s shitty writing. That’s putting you on the same intellectual footing as Vox Day, which is, I’m sure he’d be distressed to hear, not a compliment.

So no, as a writer, you’re not your character. They’re allowed to be different “people”; to have relationships and thoughts and to take actions that are outside the scope of your experience, preference, or morals as a writer.

But every action they take, every word they speak, and every thought they have comes from you. Recognize that and act appropriately. 

reblobbin again for the comment. id never make my characters be an asshole just for the sake of it. theres always a reason, whether its because something goes against their morals, or if the situation calls for them to be disgusted at something.

im too much of a baby to make anyone upset IC /rolls away

This.  This is why it’s okay to drop RP if someone crosses your personal comfort boundaries, and this is why you still have to answer upset people if you make your character any of the above horrible things and they call you out on it.

100% true horoscope facts


aries: sexually frustrated at everything
taurus: really nice but dead inside
gemini: mostly just hungry
cancer: in the closet but not really
leo: super gay for everyone
virgo: promises not to tell and then tells everyone
libra: lazy assholes like seriously do something with your life
scorpio: i’ve never met one but they’re all jerks
sagittarius: always boning your mom
capricorn: loves everyone but loves themselves more
aquarius: never not killing you
pisces: big booty bitches

I’m actually Aries but I bolded the one that’s most true

Official Commission Post!


Hello followers, new and old! My name is Zai and I would like to tell you all that I am open for business! Currently, I’m only accepted USD payments but I intend to accept World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 currency at a later date.  I will go into detail about that when the time comes. (Sorry!)

I’m looking to keep my commission list small as this is the first time I have ever done something like this. I want to make sure everything runs smoothly and that each of my customers are satisfied.

Below is a break down of what I offer as of 8/22/14. I intend to toss a little bit more on the list as I progress.


Chibi Bust / Upper Body (Fully colored and shaded)

$5-$10 (varies with detail)

Example: Smexy

Chibi Full (Fully colored and shaded)

$10-$15 (varies with detail)

Example: Smexier

Detailed Bust (Fully colored and shaded)

$10-$15 (varies with detail)

Example (Just the sketch, work not finished will update soon): Smexiest


Contact Information

If you have any questions or inquiries please send me an ask and/or e-mail me at

We can talk about details, references and all that jazz. 


Waiting List

  1. Being inquired
  2. Being inquired
  3. Being inquired
  4. Empty
  5. Empty


Additional information

I’m bran-spankin’ new at this and I wanna try my best. Keep in mind I do still have my (crappy) job. So I may not be able to respond to your asks/e-mails right away. Though every message I do get I will be sure to respond within 24 hours

Also depending on how detailed a project is, along with WIPs to make sure everything is where it should be, the realistic time-frame would probably be a week to two weeks for the finished product. 

I hope you’ve found this post very helpful and informative. I hope to do business with you soon! 


Commission information post for the lovely Zai~ 


Happy birthday, TJ.  I’m so sorry that it’s so many weeks late.  I drew Thestas out at night, surrounded by fireflies!  I really like you, and I want you to gradually find yourself and your voice in this beautiful mess of a life.  I want you to learn to roar. 
So far, so good <3

Alright Night crew listen up.


I’m kinda shit out luck right now with this job I have. I’m making next to nothing, my store manager treats me like shit and I scramble EVERY day to find a ride to work. Even after my parents had offered rides they’ve stopped helping me.

If I was to rent a cab every day to work. I would have to pay them for the out of area charge, the trip there and the trip back home. Which would be more or less 25 bucks. 

Do you know roughly after tax’s how much I make a day? about 30 bucks.

So I go to my shitty fast food job and get payed about 5 bucks a day.


With that being said. I was thinking of trying to do some cheap commissions? Like a bust chibi fully colored for like 5 bucks and then a full body chibi for 10? I know its not a lot, but it would get me going. Please leave me feed back, so I can see what you think? I’m still working on my craft so I might be able to bargain the price too.


I might also think about working at a gas station with a friend who can pay me out of pocket 20 bucks a day (when she works) on top of commissions its not a lot, but it’ll at least get me to where I need to be to fix my car.


If you are able to reblogg for me just so I can get my foot in the door that would be nice as well. Anything is loved. 

Zai does super cute chibis. It’ll be well worth the investment, and she’s just the sweetest person ever.  She’s working really hard, but the odds are stacked frustratingly against her, so any help would really go a long way.

me: here is 300 gold give me your best magic staff
walmart cashier: sir for the last time


my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

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I’ve hit 600 followers!  This is amazing, and wonderful, and I’m so stoked!

I’m really far behind on my commission que, though, so even though I want to do something for this milestone, I’m hesitant to give out more artwork until I get these numbers down.  I sketched one of my full-bodies tonight (her name is Charisse <3 ), and I’ve set a schedule of days to work/days off…

I’ve got one thing left from waaaaay back that must be done, and…I guess when I think of something for my 600, I’ll announce it. XD;

There are so many amazing artists out there.  I’m flattered beyond reason that 600+ of you come to ME and give me your support. <3


pinxiedust and I. She is my senpai after all. :3

YEAH! *dances in falling feathers*  &lt;3